0% management fee

We know you’ll be absolutely delighted with our service at Gavan Property and are pleased to provide the unique opportunity for us to manage your property for 0% rental management fee for the first 3 months.
Try us for free – no strings, no obligation, no risk!

If you are completely happy, we will then continue to manage your property for a highly competitive fee which is then tax deductible, if for some reason you are not happy, simply let us know.

Trouble free property management

Gavan Property only employs the industries best Property Management people that are highly trained and very experienced.

We ensure that everything runs smoothly and that normal issues or matters that arise are quickly resolved before they become issues that cost a landlord money, time or even leave a landlord open to legal action.

Premium marketing and promotions

Gavan Property is known for its unique brand and approach to marking their clients properties stand out from the rest. Whether it’s the professional photography and award winning website, Gavan Property invests an enormous amount of time and money to ensure our clients properties receive maximum exposure across a variety of different media. This not only means our clients properties are promoted in the best possible way, it also means our clients achieve the maximum rental amount and normally lease much faster through attracting more tenants to the property.

Photographic inspection reports

When it comes to protecting your property, both written ingoing inspection and ongoing routine inspection reports clearly document the condition of a property and the way in which the tenants must maintain the property. The problem is that every person may interpret the word “clean” in a differing way. That’s why Gavan Property utilises the most powerful tool available – photographic inspection reports with high resolution photography of every room as well as a detailed inspection report. These reports can then be easily printed or sent to our landlords on email if requested.

We look after it all

There is nothing for you to worry about. We manage absolutely everything associated with your property investment from end-to-end. This means you can relax in the knowledge that you have good people doing a great job for you.

24/7 access at the tip of your fingers

We provide an exclusive service to our Landlords which allows them to login with their own individual login & password to access all of their own rental financial and other information relevant to their investment properties.

Accompanied inspections

Whilst it is not uncommon for some agents to hand out keys and let tenants self-inspect properties, at Gavan Property ALL property inspections are accompanied with an experienced and qualified leasing specialist.
Just as a good sales agent can negotiate a better price, so too can a better Gavan Property leasing agent not only demonstrate the benefits of your property but also lease your property faster and for a higher rental amount.

Gavan Property attracts tenants like a magnet

Gavan Property is one of Sydney’s most recognisable brands attracting thousands of tenants every month.
Our advanced technology systems allow us to market your property to suitable tenants across our entire network and notify tenants the instant your property becomes available.

Our people are personal, responsive and available

There’s nothing worse than not being able to reach your Property Manager or even worse, not having them return your calls.
At Gavan Property, you have a single point of contact that is highly responsive to any and all of your matters, your calls are returned promptly and we actively communicate with our Landlords about relevant matters. This ensures you don’t waste your valuable time chasing us.

Fair fees

Gavan Property offer a very fair and competitive rental management fee and add value well beyond what most agents can offer.
Think about this, if your tenant is constantly late with their rent payments, this costs you interest at the bank? If a tenant leases your property dirty or even worse, damages the property, not only is there a cost in the cleaning and repairs but a loss of rent and waste of your time.
If the property is not regularly inspected and excessive wear and tear occurs, this costs the Landlord money.
Gavan Property offers one of the most competitive fees in Sydney but also gives you the peace of mind that you are getting great value and professional service for your fee.

If you would like to find out more about how we can maximise your rental return and manage your property – click here.

Service Lettings + Managed Service
Photography (Professional photography & floorplan optional)
Comprehensive marketing of the property
Access to the Gavan Property database of prospective tenants

Comprehensive internet marketing:

Select and secure a quality tenant for your approval
Screen and conduct reference checks – previous tenancy history, financial etc
Provide and manage all lease agreements, inspection reports etc
Conduct a detailed written and photographic inspection report
Verify and provide all keys to the property
Lodgement and ongoing management of the tenancy bond
Collection of rent – BPay, at office etc
24-hour call out service
Arranging repairs and maintenance (where required)
Arranging payment of outgoings – Council, Water, Strata levies etc
Either printed or email statements
Manage the re-imbursement of water usage from tenants (where applicable)
Assist in ensuring your property is compliant with water saving device requirements
24 / 7 online access for all Landlords to login to all information related to their property
Managing the vacating process
Keyholding service
24 / 7 access to your Property Manager for urgent matters and repairs
Routine annual inspections with full colour report
Management while the property is vacant in-between tenancies

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