Bexley North

  • Suburb:Bexley North
  • Postcode:2207
  • Population:3,999
  • Municipality:Rockdale City Council

Bexley North is mostly a residential suburb with a small shopping centre located around the intersection of Bexley Road with Slade Road and Shaw Street, close to Bexley North railway station. It features a Flemings supermarket, a pub, specialty shops including a prominently placed funeral parlour, cafes and restaurants.

Bexley North railway station is on the East Hills line of the CityRail network. Bexley North is also serviced by State Transit Authority bus routes and private bus routes.

The M5 South Western Motorway runs south-west towards Beverly Hills and Liverpool. There are no entrances at Bexley North to the 4 km tunnel which begins here and heads north-east towards Botany and the city. Access to the north east of the motorway is allowed at Kingsgrove and Arncliffe.

Schools within the area of Bexley North consist of Bexley North Public school, Sydney Technical High School and Bethany College.