• Suburb:Bexley
  • Postcode:2207
  • Population:19,067
  • Municipality:Rockdale City Council

Bexley contains of a mixture of residential, commercial and light industrial developments. Bexley's main shopping strip (usually known as the 'Bexley Shopping Centre') is located on Forest Road. It includes a busy intersection with Bexley Road and Harrow Road (characterised by the art deco former Commonwealth Bank building), and another busy intersection at Stoney Creek Road (characterised by the Forest Inn Hotel). Before a downturn in the 1980s, the shopping centre included several banks, building societies and many grocery and specialty shops. Many of the banks have found new uses, such as office space in the former Commonwealth Bank, and an IGA supermarket for the former site of a Coles Variety Store. Many of the shops are of speciality styles.

Commercial developments extend some distance down Stoney Creek Road towards Kingsgrove and are also scattered along Forest Road, south towards Hurstville and north towards Arncliffe. The light industrial developments are located on Forest Road between Bexley and Hurstville, but are slowly being replaced by medium-density residential.

Bexley is currently served by State Transit Authority public buses and Veolia private buses and a CityRail station.

Schools within the area of Bexley consist of Bexley public school Sydney Technical High School and Bethany College.