• Suburb:Kingsgrove
  • Postcode:2208
  • Population:10,695
  • Municipality:City of Rockdale, City of Hurstville and City of Canterbury
Kingsgrove is located 13 km south of the Sydney’s central business district and lies across the local government areas of the City of Rockdale, the City of Hurstville and the City of Canterbury.
Kingsgrove is bounded by the Wolli Creek and the railway line in the north, a line running between Staples Street and Laycock Street in the east, generally by Stoney Creek Road in the south and Kingsgrove Road in the west.

Kingsgrove is thought to be named after Governor Phillip Gidley King. Development of the area dates primarily from the late 1800s, when slaughter yards, market gardens, dairies and poultry farms were scattered through the area. Substantial growth did not occur until new housing estates opened in the 1930s, spurred by the opening of the railway line, although growth was slow until the 1940s.
The main shopping centre is located on Kingsgrove Road, south of Kingsgrove railway station. Commercial and industrial developments are located on the northern side of the railway line, west of Kingsgrove Road. There are also some commercial developments scattered along Stoney Creek Road and Canterbury Road. A small group of shops on Stoney Creek Road is known as the Kingsway locality.

Major features of the area include Our Lady of Fatima Primary School and De La Salle & St Ursulas College.
Parks in the suburb include Kingsgrove Avenue Reserve, Smith Reserve and Beverly Grove Reserve. Kingsgrove is also home of the Lions den Academy where many of the states top mixed martial artist and amateur boxers train.