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Local people, global reach

Whilst Gavan Property is based in Sydney, our reach is on an international level. Over recent years we have sold properties both to and for clients from almost every continent on the planet. In the last 12 months, we have worked with clients from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Macedonia and many other countries.

We invest in search engine optimisation to ensure we have a true global reach and our leading edge website is multilingual to accommodate to all nationalities.

Creating better value in our clients homes

There is an enormous difference between simply selling a property versus achieving the highest and best price for that property.

At Gavan Property, we take a strategic and systemised approach that is customised with every property to ensure we create a better value in our clients homes. There is no single item that make this happen, it’s a culmination of doing everything right from identifying the target marketing, high quality photography, online marketing, proactive follow-up all the way through to the experienced agents that will negotiate a premium price.

Making your property stand out from the rest

Gavan Property is known for its unique brand and approach with marketing their clients properties to stand out from the rest. With often hundreds of other properties on the market competing in a similar area, the key difference often ensuring your property is in front of a buyer over the others.
Whether it’s the professional photography and award winning website, Gavan Property invests an enormous amount of time and money to ensure our clients properties receive maximum exposure across a variety of different media. This means your property is presented in the best possible manner to attract maximum buyer interest and ultimately the highest possible price.

Track record that speaks volumes

“The best indicator of future results, is your past results.”

Gavan Property is well known for achieving premium results in excess of clients expectations and holds numerous suburb records throughout Southern Sydney.

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Registered buyers waiting to buy

With around literally thousands of buyers registered with Gavan Property at any one time, there’s a high likelihood we already have your buyer registered and waiting to buy.

This is also very important as buyers that have been looking for a while are generally at a more advanced stage of purchasing and have a good understanding of the market. It is just a matter of Gavan Property having your property to sell to them!.

Communications and feedback

The sale of any property is a large financial transaction. It is not only important for our clients to have a good understanding of the market-feedback, this is critical to ensure informed, sound decisions are made when the right offer presents itself.

Often through Gavan Property’s premium marketing, stronger than expected buyer interest is attracted and it is important for our sellers to understand all the offers and feedback to decide on the appropriate direction

Experienced and pleasant professionals

A positive and trustworthy relationship with your Gavan Property agent ensures you feel comfortable with their approach and trust their advice. Ultimately, our interests are aligned with yours to realise the best sale price possible in the market.

Ultimately our interests are mutually aligned with a single minded goal to achieve the best possible sale outcome which in turn benefits us with positive word of mouth recommendations and long lasting relationships with our clients.

We have looked after a number of clients that have literally never dealt with another agency for over a decade as they are delighted with the results from Gavan Property.

Very fair fees

Gavan Property offer a very fair and competitive selling fee that is only paid on a successful sale. Our services are free of charge unless you sell the property for a price you are happy with.

The true difference in the value between agents should never be decided on based on fees alone, bear in mind that you’ll only actually pay the agent if they achieve the “right” price. Most experienced sellers will look more so at the value an agent can add to the home through “positioning” and marketing the home the right way to the market-place together with ultimately negotiating the better price over a less capable agency. The real value is in a premium sale price.

With Gavan Property you will have the peace of mind of both a highly competitive fee as well as a superior sale outcome.

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Service Sales Service
Accurate, realistic and detailed property appraisal
Photography (Professional photography, virtual tours & floorplan)
Comprehensive marketing of the property
Access to the Gavan Property database of prospective buyers
Premium newspaper advertising
Seller input into the features, description and content for advertising
Group inspection by all agent company-wide
Comprehensive internet marketing:

  • realestate.com.au
  • domain.com.au
  • homepage.com.au
  • homesales.com.au
  • realestateworld.com.au
  • onthehouse.com.au
  • eac.com.au
  • homehound.com.au
  • millionplus.com.au
24-hour access to your Gavan Agent (wherever possible)
Regular feedback and communications – phone and email
All offers confirmed immediately by phone and in writing
Trained negotiation experts
In house Auctioneering (discounted rate for Gavan Property clients)

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